Positions for Research Staff, Postdoc, PhD/Master Students are available at 
 Wenzhou Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (WIUCAS) and Wenzhou Medical University (WMU)

1. Research Fields
Engaged in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), SPR, electrochemistry, FET and other related research in biological detection, cell imaging, single particle analysis, single molecule analysis, gas analysis, and optical imaging and sensor development.

2. Requirements
1) Education background: candidates with doctor's degree or master's degree in related disciplines, overseas excellent doctor and postdoctoral degree are preferred.
2) Major: Chemistry, materials, biology, optical engineering, electronic engineering and other related majors, familiar with photoelectric detection and imaging technology, with nano materials and cell animal experiment experience is preferred; or with electrochemical, gas detection, flexible materials, sensors, single particle, single component analysis and other related research background is preferred.
3) Foreign language: be proficient in reading and writing English scientific papers, good in speaking.
4) Related ability: published high level SCI papers in international journals (the influence factor greater than 5 is preferred), active thinking and strong experimental skills.
5) Others: cheerful personality, hard work, practical, team collaboration.

3. Salary
Salary and benefits (the following posts have been prepared, and the details can be negotiated)
1)Postdoctoral: annual salary of RMB 320,000 + salary from research group + Performance Award;
2)Assistant Researcher: annual salary of RMB 180,000-250,000 + resettlement fee (house purchase subsidy) + research start-up fund + Performance Award;
3)Associate Professor/Associate Researcher: annual salary of RMB 250,000-400,000 + resettlement fee (house purchase subsidy) RMB 800,000 + research start-up fund: RMB 300,000 + Performance Award;
Excellent doctors at home and abroad are welcome to join us. For those who are particularly outstanding, we will discuss them in person.
According to the relevant regulations of WIUCAS and WMU, the laboratory will provide competitive talent treatment according to individual ability.

Due to the needs of team development, we aim to recruit talented and talented young people to join us to realize the ideal of scientific research and entrepreneurship! Good scientific research atmosphere, first-class scientific research conditions and energetic team are looking forward to your joining!
Please send your resume to wangyi@wiucas.ac.cn (Dr. Wang), please indicate your name + education + major in the title of the email.
For reference: 
http://wiucas.ac.cn/group/wy/ ; www.wmu.edu.cn
If you have your own team or personal links, you can provide them together.
If some information is not available for the time being, the existing information can be provided first and then improved later.


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