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The Wenzhou Institute of the UCAS has built four innovation centers, namely medical biomaterials, clinical transformation and application of stem cells, precision medicine and personalized diagnosis and treatment, and intelligent medical equipment.
Medical Biomaterials
Innovation Center
Stem Cell Clinical Transformation
and Application Innovation Center
Innovation Center for Precision Medicine and Personalized Diagnosis
Intelligent Medical Equipment Innovation Center
With biomedical materials as the core and facing the international frontier, the center develops biological nano medical materials with high biological affinity, medical polymer materials, artificial bone materials, new intelligent materials, the new generation of medical imaging system developers, metabolizable new generation of drug carriers, functional materials for the preparation of highly sensitive and portable detection devices. The related model of biomedical material-biological interface effect is established from the basic level to form a relatively complete original innovation system of biomaterial interface. Through close cooperation with enterprises, a complete scientific achievement transformation system has been formed, leading the local traditional material industry technology to upgrade, and elevating Wenzhou's competitiveness in the biomaterial industry.
Facing the international research and development frontier of stem cell, aiming at the treatment opportunities brought by stem cell basic and clinical transformation research for major human diseases and injuries, the center focuses on major basic scientific issues and key technologies of stem cell research carries out research on stem cell and regenerative medicine, stem cell application strategy and other aspects, and develops new technologies for regulating stem cells. In this way, it drives the transformation process from basic stem cell research to stem cell therapy, promotes the clinical application of stem cell technology, and comprehensively enhances the core competitiveness of stem cell transformation application of the Institute.
Through the convergence, fusion and application of biotechnology and information technology in medical clinical practice, based on the forefront of scientific research, the center vigorously develops precision medicine and personalized diagnosis and treatment technology to optimize the diagnosis and treatment effect, reducing ineffectiveness and over-medicine, and driving molecular diagnosis of diseases development of related industries such as personalized drug research and development. Taking China's common high-prevalence major diseases and several rare diseases as the starting point, combined with national experimental and analytical technology systems for disease early warning, diagnosis, treatment, and curative effect evaluation, it has developed a series of biomarkers, targets and preparations. Guided by clinical applications, the development of early disease screening and diagnosis technology, the evolvement of individualized treatment technology, accurate prevention and treatment programs, and clinical decision support systems have brought new impetus to the development of the life and health industry.
To meet the needs of human health monitoring and disease diagnosis, the center develops nano-technology-based, ultra-high-sensitivity stimulator chips, as well as wireless power and data transmission process technologies, and designs new micro-nano motors and micro-fluidic devices for drug delivery and disease detection, prepares low power consumption and low-cost neural stimulation chip, flexible wearable chip, flexible portable chip. It also develops health monitoring equipment and medical equipment with independent intellectual property rights and applies it to the monitoring of human health indicators, rapid detection of sudden and infectious diseases, diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases, intelligent artificial organs and other fields. It studies and produces laser medical equipment, making the industrialization of laser treatment equipment with independent intellectual property rights possible.