Bae Hoon Lee's Research Group

About our team

Our team consists of researchers with various backgrounds (chemistry, materials science, biology, and engineering). Our team focuses on the development of protein-based hydrogels for bioapplications including tissue engineering, drug screening, and 3D bioprinting. Protein-based materials exhibit excellent biocompatibility and biological activities. However, their poor mechanical properties limit their wide ranges of bioapplications. Here, we have functionalized protein materials via methacryloylation so that they can be solidified upon exposure to light. Photocrosslinking imparts the spatiotemporal control over biofabrication as well as tailorable mechanical properties. Photocuring is conducted under a mild condition in the presence of a photoinitiator, relatively leading to good biocompatibility. Photocurable protein-based hydrogels have been used to fabricate highly ordered 3D scaffolds/tissue analogues for 3D culture and drug screening applications. Besides, they have been used to print various tissue constructs. Photocurable protein-based hydrogels could become versatile materials for various bioapplications.

Research Area

  • Preparation of various photocurable protein-based hydrogels
  • Biofabrication of 3D tissue constructs with well-defined architecture
  • 3D printing of protein-based hydrogels with improved printability


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  • 一种用于细胞和组织培养的高取代白蛋白甲基丙烯酰基水凝胶的制备方法(201911170929. 5)_2019年11月26日

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