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The dynamics of droplet evaporation

Topic: The dynamics of droplet evaporation
Time: July 20th (Wednesday) at 14: 30 Pm (Beijing Time)
Speaker: Prof. Xingkun MAN
Location: Room 3#307
Inviter: Prof. Masso DOI, Prof. Shigeyuki Komura

Abstract: An evaporating droplet can spread or recede over a substrate. Such daily life phenomena have attracted long interests of scientific research due to their widely applications ranging from industry to technological frontier, such as printing, coating and microfluidics process.Experiments have reported lots of interesting phenomena of evaporating droplets, for example, rich deposition patterns left on the substrate and various directional droplet motions. However, the evaporation process is complicated because the intricate coupling of capillary, evaporation, dissipation and Marangoni flow is embedded within such dynamics. In this talk, I will introduce our series of studies of evaporating sessile droplets.