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Our Advanced Functional Materials published online
Published On: 2023-02-28


To tackle the problems caused by bacterial biofilms, herein, this study reports an antimicrobial hybrid amphiphile (aHA) via dynamic covalent bonds for eradicating staphylococcal biofilms. aHA is synthesized via iminoboronate ester formation between DETA NONOate (nitric oxide donor), 3 4-dihydroxybenaldehyde, and phenylboronic acid-modified ciprofloxacin (Cip). aHA can self-assemble in aqueous solution with an ultra-small critical aggregation concentration of 3.80 × 10–5 mm and high drug loading content of 73.8%. The iminoboronate ester is sensitive to the acidic and oxidative biofilm microenvironment, liberating nitric oxide and Cip that can synergistically eradicate bacterial biofilms. To this end, aHA assemblies efficiently eradicate staphylococcal infections and ameliorate inflammation in the murine peritoneal and subcutaneous infection models without any notable side effects on normal tissues. Collectively, the aHA assemblies may provide a facile and efficient alternative to the current development of anti-biofilm therapies.

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