Global Academic Talent Recruitment Program (Available at Long-term)
Monday, 2020-03-23

I. Introduction to Wenzhou Institute:
Established in May 2019, Wenzhou Institute of the UCAS is a secondary scientific research institution directly under the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as UCAS). It was formerly known as the Wenzhou Institute of Biomaterials and Engineering of the UCAS (planned). The Institute promotes the incubation and transformation of life and health and medical intelligent equipment technology with basic innovations. It focuses on the research of major clinical application prospects of target-oriented medical biomaterials, stem cell clinical transformation and application, precision medicine and personalized diagnosis and treatment, intelligent medical equipment, etc., and strive to build an international advanced level innovation center and technology transfer and transformation center integrating 4M of "materials, medicine, machinery and medical".

II. Direction Disciplines of Recruitment:
Chemistry, materials science, biology, basic medicine, biomedical engineering, electronic science and engineering, optical engineering, physics and other related majors.

III. Recruiting positions:
1. Researcher (PI):
Ph.D, with high-level independent scientific research ability and team organization ability, and established research results at the international level.
2. Associate Researcher & Senior Engineer:
Ph. D, under 40 years old (generally), with a high level of scientific research and organizational capabilities, or achieved industrial research results in line with the development plan of the institute.
3. Assistant Researcher & Research Intern:
Excellent doctors and masters at home and abroad, under 35 years old (generally).
4. Post doctors: under 35 years old (generally).

VI. Compensations for work:

Caliber Level

Payment(Unit: RMB)

Research Start-Up Funding
(Unit: RMB)

Settlement Fee
(Unit: RMB)

Home Purchase Subsidies or
Special Talent Room

(Discipline Leader)


10million or More


Apply for distribution separately according to municipal and district policies

(Discipline Forerunner)




Post Researcher
(Positive Senior Engineer)




Associate Researcher




Assistant Researcher
Research Intern

For Doctors: 180,000-250,000
For Masters: 130,000-180,000


(Only for Doctors)

(Class A And B)

A: 38+ Allowance
B: 26+ Allowance



1. We’ll provide staffing of government-affiliated institutions and help find jobs for spouses and children's schooling issues;
2. Guaranteed housing: provide a talented apartment (rental) or rent subsidy upon entry;
3. Scientific research support: offer sufficient laboratory area and assist in establishing scientific research teams;
4. Benefits and rewards: five social insurance and one housing fund (partly undertook by the institute) ; performance rewards and other benefits are separately issued according to the institute's policies.

V. Contact information:
Please send your resume, research content and plan, and related attachments in PDF format to please indicate "name + job position + discipline direction" in the subject and resume of the e-mail.
Tel: + 86-577-88017508
The Global Academic Talent Recruitment of Wenzhou Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is underway all year round. We sincerely invite outstanding talents from all levels at home and abroad to join us!