Academician Xu Tao and Academician Yang Huanming visited Wenzhou Institute of UCAS
Wednesday, 2019-12-11

On the morning of December 10th, Xu Tao, academician of the UCAS, vice president of the UCAS, director of the Frontier Science and Education Bureau of the UCAS, Yang Huanming, academician of the UCAS, and chairman of the University of BGI, visited Wenzhou institute.

Academician Xu Tao and Academician Yang Huanming visited our laboratory and exchanged views with the team leader on laboratory construction and scientific research results on the spot, and put forward enormous valuable guidance and suggestions.

Ye Fangfu, deputy dean of the Wenzhou Institute of UCAS, introduced the goals to be attained, research layout, talent introduction, scientific research force, new building construction, and next step work plan of the institute.

Academician Xu Tao put forward guiding suggestions on the construction of Wenzhou Institute: We should give full play to the advantages of the tripartite co-construction of Wenzhou Municipal Government, the UCAS, and Wenzhou Medical University, focus on key research directions, and make major scientific achievements; We should strengthen the cooperation with the Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, combine the scientific research resources of the UCAS and the clinical resources of the Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

Academician Yang Huanming fully affirmed the achievements of Wenzhou Institute and hoped that the Institute could aim at applications, integrated clinical resources in an all-rounded way, and deliver scientific and technological support for the development of Wenzhou's life and health industry.

Chen Yingxu, Secretary of the Longwan District Party Committee, Qu Jia, President of the Eye Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University, Xia Jinglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of Wen Medical University, Wang Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Wenzhou High-tech Zone (Zhenan Science and Technology City), Xie Hongping, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Yang Shuang, head of BGI East China, Zheng Yang, general manager of BGI Zhejiang, and Wang Xiaoyun, secretary of the Party Committee of Wenzhou Institute of UCAS, attended the discussion.