Deepen Cooperation to Seek Common Development - Li Xiaokun, President of Wenzhou Medical University and His Entourage Attended the Meeting Held by the Institute
Friday, 2019-08-23

On the afternoon of August 22, Li Xiaokun, president of Wenzhou Medical University and his entourage came to the Wenzhou Institute to conduct research and exchanges. Yang Guoqiang, dean of Wenzhou Institute of UCAS, and other leaders attended the symposium.

At the symposium, Vice President Ye Fangfu introduced the recent work progress of the Institute. At present, the Institute has steadily advanced in the introduction of high-level talents at home and abroad, the construction of key scientific research teams, the cooperation of industry-university-research cooperation, the application of major projects, and cooperation at home and abroad. Sound progress has been made, and high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship resources have been gathered.

The two sides made in-depth discussions and exchanges on discipline construction, talent introduction, platform construction, joint training of graduate students, etc., and they hope that Wen Medical University and its affiliated hospitals and Wenzhou Institutes will strengthen communication and exchanges at all levels and establish a pragmatic cooperation mechanism.

Since May 9 this year, the UCAS, Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, and Wenzhou Medical University have signed the Framework Agreement on Co-Building Wenzhou Wenzhou Institute of the UCAS, and the Wenzhou Institute has officially ushered in a new stage of substantial operation.

The Wenzhou Institute of UCAS leverages the advantages of the UCAS and Wen Medical University in terms of scientific and technological resources, educational resources and human resources to maximize the advantages of co-construction, create a collaborative innovation platform, optimize the innovation and entrepreneurship ecology, and boost constructing the Wenzhou National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.