Secretary Chen Weijun Investigated the Wenzhou Institute of the UCAS: Completely Endorse Building the Science and Technology Innovation in Wenzhou As Its "Golden Business Card"
Tuesday, 2019-05-28

On the afternoon of May 22, Chen Weijun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, investigated the construction and development of the Wenzhou Institute of UCAS. Dean Yang Guoqiang introduced the construction ideas as well as the vision that the Wenzhou Institute would face the frontiers of science and technology in the world, focus on key industries such as life health and medical intelligent equipment, adhere to the priority of talents, innovate institutional mechanisms, introduce high-quality scientific research and technical resources, and carry out international cooperation. He also mentioned that the Institute would elevate the international visibility of Wenzhou Science and Technology, strive to make features, and contribute to the promotion of local economic development.

During the investigation, Chen Weijun has debriefed the implementation of the Institute and coordination to solve specific problems. He asked the Institute to concentrate on connecting national strategies, serving local development, further strengthening top-level design, strengthening functional integration, and giving full play to platform spillover effects. He urged to seize opportunities to create the best environment, and forge a high ground for innovation.

Chen Weijun emphasized that he would fully support the Institute, adhere to problem-oriented and demand-directed philosophy, endeavor to provide good service, create first-class conditions, so as to build the UCAS Wenzhou Wenzhou Institute into the fastest, most effective model and innovative acme of school-locality cooperation, with a view to assisting the construction of Wenzhou's National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and the Luoshan Rim Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. That’s how the "golden business card" of Wenzhou's scientific and technological innovation would be developed.

Municipal leaders Ma Yongliang, Wang Jun, Wang Chi, etc. and Ye Fangfu and Wang Xiaoyun from Wenzhou Institute participated in the symposium.