First International Symposium in 2019 on "Lipid-Protein Mesophases and Cell Organelle Ultrastructure in Health and Disease" Held Smoothly
Friday, 2019-11-15

From November 7th to November 9th, 2019, the Wenzhou Institute of the UCAS grandly held the first International Symposium on " Lipid-Protein Mesophases and Cell Organelle Ultrastructure in Health and Disease" in 2019.

Ye Fangfu, Vice President of Wenzhou Institute of UCAS, gave a welcome speech and introduced the relevant situation of the Institute

Researcher Deng Yuru from the Wenzhou Institute of the UCAS introduced the theme of the conference and the research results on cubic membranes.

The seminar focused on four major themes, that is, "membrane biophysical properties and biomolecule self-assembly", "synthesis of membrane structures and stress-induced membrane phase changes", "the role of lipids and proteins in organelle structure and formation", "relevant research on neurodegenerative diseases", and invited 14 well-known experts at home and abroad to make inspiring reports and share the cutting-edge results and development ideas in their fields.

The one-and-a-half-day academic discussion has finished successfully. This seminar was an effective ideological collision between domestic and foreign experts and scholars, which not only enhanced the friendship and mutual trust between the two sides but also further promoted Wenzhou's international cooperation in science and technology and talents, creating a new area of regional innovation marked with open cooperation.