2019 World Young Scientist (Wenzhou) Summit-Notice of the International Forum on Opportunities and Challenges in Biomaterials Research
Sunday, 2019-09-29

Biomaterials are a multidisciplinary field, mainly application-oriented. The institute focuses on biomedical materials and faces the international frontier. It develops biological nanomedical materials with high biological affinity, medical polymer materials, artificial bone materials, new intelligent materials, a new generation of medical imaging system developers, metabolizable new generation of drug carriers, functional materials for the preparation of high sensitivity and portable detection devices. The related model of biomedical material-biological interface effect is established from the basic level to form a relatively complete original innovation system of biomaterial interface. Through close cooperation with enterprises, a complete scientific achievement transformation system has been formed, leading the local traditional material industry technology upgrade, and improving Wenzhou's competitiveness in the biomaterial industry.

The topics of this summit include biomaterials, medical applications, opportunities and challenges. At that time, many heavyweight academic experts at home and abroad will be invited to conduct in-depth discussions with their respective research content, exchange cutting-edge ideas, discuss the latest technologies, and analyze the future development of the industry trend targeting the new progress, new developments and new achievements in the field of biomaterials and medical applications.

Organizational Unit

Organizers: China Association for Science and Technology, People's Government of Zhejiang Province

Undertakers: Zhejiang Science and Technology Association, Wenzhou Municipal People's Government

Implemented by: Wenzhou Institute of UCAS, Zhenan Science and Technology City

Time and Place

Meeting time: October 26-27, 2019

Venue: Wenzhou Science and Technology Finance Center (Zhenan Science and Technology City)

Summit Schedule


Transportation & Accommodation

Hotel Address: Awailou Hotel (No. 55 Ouhai Avenue, Ouhai District, Wenzhou)

Transportation: We will arrange pick-up and drop-off.

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