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Frozen mixed grinder


The Sugon Supercomputing Center of Wenzhou Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was built and put into trial operation in November 2021, and officially provide services in December 2021. As a public infrastructure, it provides high-performance computing services for researchers in the institute and has become an important part of our institute being built into a world-class scientific research institution. Since the establishment of the Sugon Supercomputing Center, it has played an important and fundamental role in the application of major projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and in the scientific computing support of research teams. Until now, the Sugon Supercomputing Center has provided more than 4.8 million CPU-cores of computing services, and the average utilization was 68.8%.
The Sugon Supercomputing Center is a teaching and scientific research supporting platform built by the Wenzhou Institute, providing large-scale scientific computing and engineering computing services for various scientific research departments of our institute. At present, the cluster system includes a comprehensive architecture of CPU and GPU nodes, and a distributed storage system. The main technical parameters are as follows:
32 two-way computing nodes, equipped with 2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6248R CPUs, clock speed 3.00GHz, 48-core processors, 192GB memory;
1 four-way large memory fat node, equipped with 4 Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6248 CPUs, clock speed 2.50GHz, 80-core processor, 1.5T memory;
2 GPU computing nodes, equipped with 2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6248R CPUs, clock speed 3.00GHz, 48-core processors, 384G memory, equipped with 8 NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics cards;
2 login nodes for system configuration management, each with 2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5220R CPUs, clock speed 2.20GHz, and the Sugon Gridview5.1 cluster management system is deployed;
The system is configured with a set of Cloudstor distributed storage system, which consists of 4 ostor nodes, providing 1.2PB of available storage space;
The theoretical peak value of CPU double-precision floating-point computing power is greater than 154 TFLOPS, and the computing network is interconnected by 100Gb network.