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Recruitment of R&D and Application of Soft Condensed Matter

Li Tao (PI Project Leader), Wenzhou Research Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, recruits PhD and outstanding master graduates. The main research focus of the research group is to construct soft condensed liquid materials with different structural forms and functions and to develop their applications in biological processes and industrial fields. Dr. Li Tao's previous research results include the preparation of bi-continuous emulsion gels [1-3], and initial exploration of the stability mechanism of three-phase immiscible liquid systems [4]; the current main work is on the R&D and applications of three-phase liquid materials and the study of the "phase separation" mechanism in cells by soft condensed matter physical methods.

Application requirements:
(1) Outstanding master and doctoral students in physics, chemistry and biology (both fresh and graduated);
(2) Have a solid foundation in English, and those who have published SCI papers are preferred;
(3) Work conscientiously and pragmatically with a strong sense of responsibility, professionalism, industry, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the Wenzhou Institute of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, we provide competitive talent treatment.
(1) Enforcement agreement salary:
Doctor (assistant researcher): above RMB180,000 to RMB 250,000, with a settlement fee of RMB50,000;
Post-doctors: RMB320,000 in class A and RMB240,000 in class B, plus tutor subsidy;
Associate researcher: RMB250,000-400,000; RMB300,000 - 500,000 start-up funds for research, and RMB100,000 settling fees.
(2) For those with Doctoral degrees, we’ll provide staffing of government-affiliated institutions; excellent master graduates (graduated from “Double First-Class “universities and published excellent SCI thesis) can apply for staffing of government-affiliated institutions as well.
(3) Pay 5 social insurances and 1 housing fund according to the standards of public institutions.
(4) Enjoy a housing subsidy or a talented apartment (below market price ), and another opportunity to enjoy government-supported housing subsidies in accordance with government talent policies.
(5) Assist with finding jobs for spouses and children's schooling issues.

For details, please contact the Human Resources Department at 0577-88017508.

Interested candidates, please send your resume (recent photos, contact information), various certificates that can prove the level and ability (especially published academic articles) via E-Mail to litao@wibe.ac.cn